Can You Sue for a Hit and Run Accident?

Hit and run reward program

Who can I sue if I was in a hit and run car accident?

A hit and run accident is sometimes called a phantom vehicle accident. In these types of accidents, if you have uninsured motor vehicle coverage, than that type of coverage on your policy will typically cover the damage that has been caused by a hit and run driver or phantom vehicle. This means that your insurance will be responsible for paying your medical bills, loss wages, pain and suffering, etc.



What if my insurance doesn’t pay?

If your insurance does not pay, and you have uninsured motor vehicle coverage, than you may need the assistance of an attorney. Your insurance is trying to settle your claim unfairly, which is where legal professionals step in.





Do you have information regarding a hit and run accident?

If you have any information regarding a hit and run accident, such as information about the driver, you may be compensated for your tip. Davis Law Group offers a $1,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and felony conviction of a hit-and-run driver through anonymous tips provided to the WeTip Crime Hotline. Your name and information will be kept confidential; therefore you can feel good about doing the right thing. Call 1-800-6-Hit-N-Run to report a driver.





Hit and run law in Washington State

Refer to RCW 46.52.020.

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