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Can You Get A Citation For Driving With Pets?

Updated on: 11/7/2019

Many people drive with animals on their laps. But is this considered distracted driving and can you be ticketed for it?

It’s not unusual to be driving down the road and see someone’s small dog sticking their head out the driver’s side windows. In Washington State, it IS illegal to drive with your pet on your lap while driving, or on the vehicle’s dashboard.

“Because you can’t predict the actions of the animal, it could be a sudden hazard,” a Washington State trooper said regarding this issue. “It’s negligence to have a live animal that could distract the driver.”

In Washington State, it is not specifically illegal to just have your pet in the car, but certain actions are covered by the second-degree negligent driving law – the same law that covers texting while driving.

According to news reports, the fine for driving with a dog or cat on your lap is $550.

However, if the animal is in a carrier and not a distraction to the driver, it will not result in a fine because the animal is not a threat to the driver.

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