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Call for witnesses: car hit by semi-truck

Updated on: 7/8/2020

G.M has retained Davis Law Group, an award-winning team of Seattle-based personal injury lawyers, to represent her in possible legal action related to a truck accident that took place on 10/7/2016 between 5:00 am and 6:00 am on State Route 167 near Central Avenue.

Accident description: Our client was in a car that was being driven by her mother. They left home at 5:00 am and stopped for coffee before entering State Route 167, heading northbound to a haircut appointment. Traffic was light, and the vehicle was traveling in the left through lane at 60-65 miles per hour. After several minutes of travelling in that lane, they slowed down for traffic when they were hit hard and unexpectedly by the defendant’s vehicle.

The defendant was driving a semi-truck with a fully-loaded trailer that weighed approximately 90,000 pounds. The force of the accident broke the driver’s and front passenger’s seat backs, causing both to fully recline. The driver of the semi-truck told police that all he has been able to see before the crash was a “black cloud” due to the dark and rainy conditions on the road.

The at-fault driver also told our client that he had seen “white smoke” before the collision. Investigators are not sure what the driver of the semi-truck was talking about, since our client did not see any clouds or smoke before the collision. A bystander at the scene confirmed that the at-fault driver’s statement was strange, and that he was told to go back to his vehicle after asking our client about the “white smoke” he claimed to have seen.

Client Car: 2006 Honda Odyssey

Defendant Vehicle: 2000 Semi and Trailer
Damage: The defendant’s semi-truck sustained light damage to the front. Our client’s car sustained damage on its rear end.

Injuries description: Our client’s injuries include leg injuries, neck injuries, and injuries to the mid and lower back.

Our client G.M. was the victim of this horrible accident.  The actions and conduct of the defendant driver have been under investigation by the Washington State Patrol.  

CALL FOR WITNESSES:  Investigators working for Davis Law Group are also looking into the circumstances which caused this collision.  Attorney Chris Davis is asking that any persons who saw this incident; who may have come upon the scene after the crash; took photos/video; anyone who may have tried to offer assistance on the scene or who had any contact with any of the victims; or anyone who has any information about the accident to please call Davis Law Group at 206-727-4000.  

NOTICE TO THE MEDIA:  Any and all requests for information or news media interviews must be directed to Davis Law Group.  Please ask for Mischelle Davis.

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