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Prevent Child Burn Injuries During Burn Awareness Week

Updated on: 3/6/2019

child burn injuriesThe American Burn Association promotes February 1st through February 7th as Burn Awareness Week.

In the United States, burn injuries to children are a serious issue with serious consequences. Burn injuries from electrical devices and appliances, hot water, and electrical outlets led to approximately 136,000 children making emergency room visits for burn injuries in 2011.

Even scarier is the fact that an estimated 1,000 children die from burn-related injuries in the United States each and every year.

25,000 electrical fire disasters ravage homes throughout the country each year. The total estimated cost of burn injuries is approximately $44 million.

This infographic offers great tips to prevent and treat burns:

Safety advocates maintain that many child burn injuries could be prevented by closely supervising children in situations where they are exposed to electrical appliances and other potentially dangerous devices. Child-proofing electrical outlets and appliances is another way to proactively protect children from these types of injuries.

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