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Budweiser Anti-Drunk Driving Ad Features a Puppy and is Awesome

Updated on: 2/26/2019

For the most part, alcohol companies who commission those “drink responsibly” ad campaigns often fail to deliver something that truly resonates and makes a lasting impression on its viewers. They forget a fun. We see the ads all the time, but it’s difficult to recall a particular campaign that truly felt impactful.

But this week, Budweiser launched an advertising campaign that subtly addresses the risks of driving under the influence of alcohol with a heartwarming story about a young man and his dog.

The video shows a timeline of the man getting a puppy and raising it into a full-grown adult dog, with a few obvious product placements for Budweiser weaved into the mix, of course.

Later the man is leaving his house with a group of friends which leaves the dog pouting at the door, something any dog owner would immediately recognize. The video shows the dog pouting all night, anxiously awaiting the return of his beloved owner.

An Emotional Twist

Things take a sad turn as the dog starts to drift off into sleep, when suddenly the screen goes black and the words, “For some, the waiting never ended,” appear on the screen, perhaps alluding to the possibility that the owner may have been involved in an alcohol-related crash. Thankfully, the next frame says, “But we can change that.”

The video then cuts to the man as he comes bursting in through the front door of the house, and the dog becomes overwhelmed with excitement.

“Hey, I’m sorry! I decided I shouldn’t drive home last night, I stayed at Dave’s,” he reassures his friend. “I’m back, I’m back. Yeah, I’m back.”

Budweiser is calling the campaign "Global Be(er) Responsible Day" and has implemented the social media hashtag, #FriendsAreWaiting. Watch the full video above and share with your friends if you liked it as much as we did.

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