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Fisherman Dies In Boat Accident On Skykomish River

Updated on: 11/22/2019

A man from Sultan was killed Saturday morning in a boating accident after the boat he was in flipped in the Skykomish River.

According to, a 57-year-old man and his passenger were riding in a boat on the Skykomish River near Gold Bar when the boat overturned. One man was able to make it to shore and call for help, but the other man never made it off of the boat. His body was found approximately half a mile downstream from the Big Eddy Boat Launch, where they had originally entered the water.

Investigators believe the strong current of the river caused the boat to be pinned against a rock before it flipped. The men had no way of maneuvering the boat against the current because it was a drift boat with no motor, police said.

Factors Contributing To Boat Accidents

With the warmer weather brought on by summer, water levels in rivers, ponds, and lakes throughout the state of Washington are bound to rise. Though the investigation into this boat accident is ongoing, it seems likely that the rising water levels and currents played at least a minor role in this incident.

Tragic boating accidents are especially common during the summer and fall months in Washington, with August being the most popular month for accidents. 36 vessels were involved in a total of 23 separate incidents in August of 2016, with 12 injuries and four deaths resulting from those accidents.

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