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Black Ice on Road Causes Two Accidents Involving WSP Tooper

Updated on: 2/15/2019

Car accident from black iceA Washington State Patrol trooper and a SeaTac police officer were both in separate car accidents, as a result of black ice. Around 3 a.m. the WSP trooper was making one last stop at I-90 when he hit black ice, slid and went over an embankment. It did not appear that the man was injured but he was immediately taken to the hospital.

A police officer in SeaTac was investigating accident along Orillia Road when he was hit by another vehicle and lost control on the icy road. He was also taken to a hospital but his injuries were not serious. While the ice was melting, Orillia Road was closed for awhile.

There were several other minor accidents as the roads were coated in black ice.

"Be alert, be cautious of what's going on around you," said Kevin Forrester with the patrol. "If it starts to sparkle a bit or there's some glare, or whatever coming off the shoulder sometimes that means there's frost."

As the temperatures continue to plunge, be very cautious on your morning commute; slow down and leave a lot of space between your car and those ahead of you.


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