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Bicyclist Killed in Port Orchard by Suspected Drunk Driver in Hit and Run

Updated on: 9/30/2020

A bicyclist is dead in Port Orchard after being struck by a hit and run driver who is now suspected of DUI.

The collision took place Saturday afternoon on Bethel-Burley Rd just south of Port Orchard where the 56-year-old bicyclist was found dead at the scene by first responders. 

At this time it appears that the bicyclist was riding along the shoulder of the road when the alleged drunk hit and run driver swerved into the bike lane, striking and killing him.  

According to KOMO reporting driver was later seen by a witness struggling to remove the bicycle from the front of his vehicle approximately one mile down the road. 

Investigators at the scene placed the driver under arrest for suspicion of hit-and-run, vehicular homicide, and DUI. 

Legal Rights For Fatal DUI and Hit-and-Run Accident Victims

Drunk driving fatalities are avoidable tragedies that could be prevented by drivers simply making the choice to not drive drunk. 

Unlike many hit-and-run accidents the perpetrator was caught not far from the scene of the accident, meaning a recovery on behalf of the deceased and some semblance of justice is possible for the victim and their loved ones. 

The driver being found, and additionally charged with multiple crimes at the scene makes the path towards that recovery on behalf of the victim clearer, but not without its complications.

The family of the victim can request the police report from the incident, collect news reports and wittiness statements and begin building their case for an eventual wrongful death claim.

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