Accident Victim Sues Seattle Seahawks Over Collision

Bicycle Accident Victim Will Never Be The Same After Being Hit By Seahawks Coach

seahawks cyclist bicycle collision accident lawsuitAn avid cyclist says he will never compete again all because of a coach at the Seahawks.

The personal injury lawsuit names the Seahawks organization and a Seahawk coach. The coach had just started with the team.

Strength and conditioning coach Jamie Yanchar had just accepted a position with the Seahawks in February of last year.

Just two months later Coach Yanchar was driving through the E1 parking lot at the University of Washington. The suit alleges that the coach ran a stop sign.

Cyclist Dan Becraft was riding his bike in parking lot at the same time. Becraft was traveling in a marked lane for traffic when he was hit by Coach Yanchar's vehicle. Becraft was seriously injured in the collision. He received a hip replacement surgery, as well as ACL surgery on his knee.

Becraft's lawsuit is claiming approximately $200,000 in past and future medical bills and lost wages.

"Yanchar was using some of the college's facilities as part of his job responsibilities at the Seahawks. Because he was on the job, Washington State law says that his employer is responsible for his negligent acts," said attorney Chris Davis who is representing Becraft in this matter.

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