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Best Pedestrian Accident Attorney For My Crosswalk Injury Case

Updated on: 11/8/2019

Pedestrian accident law

Pedestrian Accident Statistics

There was a loss of 4,881 lives in pedestrian accidents in 2005, almost thirteen people every day of the year (NHTSA Traffic Safety Facts). Though the number of pedestrian fatalities fell from 5,584 in 1995 to 4,881 in 2005, the fatalities in 2005 were the highest since 4,901 fatalities were recorded in 2001. 

Pedestrians account for about 30% of all traffic fatalities involving children under the age of 15 years. NHTSA estimates that more than 22% of children between the ages of 5 and 9 who were killed in traffic crashes were pedestrians. Roughly 19% of children involved in traffic fatalities under age 16 were pedestrians. And approximately 8% of all children under age 16 injured in a car accident were pedestrians.

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If you have been the victim in a pedestrian accident, you most likely have experienced serious injuries, mental anguish and an overload of stress. How will you pay your medical bills? I haven’t been able to work, how will I pay my monthly bills? These are questions you are probably asking yourself.

Thankfully, there are people on your side wanting you to get a fair settlement for what you have been through. The top-rated personal injury attorneys at Davis Law Group have represented accident victims for more than 25 years.

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