Best and Worst Hospitals In Seattle

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best and worst hospitals in seattle washingtonWhen a loved one needs medical care that requires surgery or a hospital stay in western Washington, people often find them selves asking, "which hospitals in Seattle are the best" and "which hospitals in Seattle are the worst" in terms of the number of medication errors, incidents of medical malpractice and/or hospital negligence.

Which Hospitals Have Reported The Most Medical Mistakes In Washington State?

Since June 2006, hospitals have been required to report "adverse medical events" to the Washington State Department of Health. The list of 28 types of incidents that require reporting include wrong site surgeries, retained foreign objects, medication errors, patient abductions, and late stage pressure ulcers.

Between June 2006 and August 2010, 848 medical malpractice or medical error events were reported to the DOH. However there is no punishment for failing to report an incident of medical malpractice, and several investigations by local media outlets have concluded that hospitals in Washington are failing to properly report many such incidents.

Anyone who is interested in knowing which hospitals have reported the most medical mistakes should visit the Washington State Department of Health's Adverse Health Events and Incident Reporting System to get the latest data.

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