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Bicyclist Hit in Bellevue Dies Two Days After His Accident.

Updated on: 8/19/2020

The man who was hit while riding his bike in Bellevue on Wednesday morning died from his injuries on Friday.

The bicycle accident took place Wednesday morning around 8 a.m. near 8th and 132nd Ave. According to police the driver claimed that blinding sunlight was an issue at the time and she did not see the cyclist.

Police have stated the driver was making a turn when she struck the bicyclist while blinding sunlight obscured her vision. Authorities do not believe drugs or alcohol were a factor in the crash.

Visibility and Bicyclist Accidents

Visibility is a common factor in car accidents in Seattle and across the country, and can include darkness of night, lack of visibility from rain or fog, or blinding sunlight as described by the driver in this story.

It was not reported whether the driver was cited in the crash or not, but based on the info provided, if she was it could be for driving too fast for conditions, a citation that typically involves some sort of weather or traffic related factor.

Given the details available at this time, the tragic loss of this unidentified 33-year-old bicyclist could have been due to negligence, and as such the family of the deceased could potentially pursue a wrongful death claim against the driver that struck him.

Determining Value in a Wrongful Death Case

Wrongful death cases are made of 2 key components much like any other case, the determination of liability, as well as the evaluation of losses and assignment of a recovery.

While determining liability is largely the same as it is in other types of accident cases, determining a value in wrongful death cases can be complicated as it appears to be asking for the value of a human life.

Wrongful death cases are still affected by similar factors as any accident case when it comes to value, with amount of insurance available, quality of witnesses and testimony as well as the jury itself all having roles in determining the value of a wrongful death case.

Lost wages is another shared factor, however it is handled differently in wrongful death lawsuits. Where a year of missed work can be reasonably simply quantified in most job types, in wrongful death cases the loss of a lifetime of work can be more complicated to put into numbers.

Whether the deceased was well educated, highly paid, highly skilled, and even whether they had dependents can all have an impact on the recovery.

Examples of Wrongful Death Case Results

Dealing with Insurance

The complexities involved in determining the value of a wrongful death case and the often immense recovery available for the estates and family members of victims means it is even more important not to rush and accept payout for claims that may not represent the true value of the loss in the eyes of the law.

Nothing can bring back your loved ones, but the attorneys at Davis Law Group have experience working with the family members of victims and ensuing that grieving family members are not taken advantage of by insurance companies only looking after their bottom line.

The team of Seattle personal injury lawyers at Davis Law Group offers free consultations for the loved ones of accident victims and can help determine if insurance is playing fair, or if you may need legal assistance. Call 206-727-4000 or use the chat or contact options on this page to request a free consultation today.  

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