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Rest Home Bed Sores: Why the Type of Healthcare Facility Matters

Updated on: 11/19/2019

Evaluating a nursing home abuse case which involves bed sores can be difficult because of how complex these injuries are. Also, the type of facility that the bed sore or pressure sore developed in is important because of how these facilities are legally labeled or classified.

Nursing Home Abuse Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations for bed sore lawsuits can vary depending on the type of facility that was providing care to patient where the negligence occurred. For example, the decision to file a personal injury claim against a nursing home can be much different than pursuing a claim against a hospital.

Recent studies have shown that nursing home abuse is one of the more underreported injury incidents in the United States and that this devastating form of abuse is swept under the rug in many instances. A previous article from The Seattle Times details the extent of nursing home abuse in Washington and the devastating injuries that have resulted from this abuse.

Oversight and Accountability

Overall, nursing homes and home care centers have substantially reduced direct oversight and accountability when it comes to abuse and injured patients. This makes pursuing a claim against one of these facilities much different than a personal injury claim against a hospital or other type of care facility.

When pursuing a bed sore or pressure sore claim against a nursing home or home care facility, it is important to consult with an experienced attorney with a history of similar cases. Online attorney ratings are a great place to start when researching the expertise of particular lawyers in your area.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Seattle

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