Back Up Accidents Leading Cause of Accidental Child Death

Back up and front over accidents are the leading cause of accidental death for children in the United States. Make sure your child is not part of the statistics by following these basic general tips:
  • Prior to moving your vehicle, walk around or behind it.
  • Be aware of the location of your children. Place your children in a location where you can view them or put them under supervision of another adult.
  • Cross view mirrors may be a good idea, along with rear view video camera, audible collision, or another type of back up device. But do not RELY on these items. Technology isn’t perfect.
  • Measure your blind spots so that you know how far you cannot see.
  • Be aware of steep inclines and large vehicles that make it difficult to see behind a vehicle.
  • Explain to your child the dangers associated with playing in and/or around vehicles and to always set the emergency brake and keep your vehicle in the garage.
  • Do not put toys or sports equipment on the driveway.
  • Make sure landscape around your driveway and parking spots are trimmed so it is visible around them.
  • Never leave keys or garage door opener anywhere near kids or where they can reach them.
  • Have a visual cue for their location.
  • Look in the backseat before locking your vehicle and walking away.
  • Call 911 immediately if you see a child in a vehicle alone!

As a personal injury law firm, Davis Law Group has seen many catatrophic injuries from back up accidents. Take all of the suggested precautions to ensure that your child never experiences injury from a non traffic vehicle accident.

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