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Ax, Gun Needed To Stop Lake Tapps Pit Bulls

Updated on: 11/22/2019

A woman suffered bite wounds to both arms when she tried to break up two pit bulls that were fighting, according to Pierce County police.

The incident occurred Wednesday, May 9, around 6:30 p.m. in the 2900 block of 204th Avenue Court East in Lake Tapps. A father and son heard the woman's screams and came to help. One dog ran off, while the other continued to act aggressively. One of the men hit the dog in the head with an ax several times. The other then took a handgun and shot the dog. 

After killing the dog, the men called 911 and gave medical attention to the woman. She was taken to the hospital and underwent surgery for her wounds.

The woman told deputies that both dogs bit her, but that the dogs did not intend to harm her. She said the dead dog belonged to her son, while the other dog lived with her. 

The Types Of Dog Bite Personal Injuries

Many people do not know that 61 percent of dog bite attacks occur close to the dog’s home or where the victim lives. Most often, the victim is bitten by a “friendly” dog known to him or her.

Some dog breeds are more dangerous than others, but that does not prevent many people from keeping potentially lethal dogs as pets. 

No one can accurately predict what provokes a friendly dog to attack. The dog may be in pain, sick, panicked, threatened or frightened. Small children may unknowingly provoke a dog to attack. That is why parents and dog owners should never leave children unattended around dogs of any breed or size.

Legal Action Against A Family Member For A Dog Bite

When a person is bitten by a relative’s dog — or the relative contributes to the circumstances of the incident — the victim does have the legal right to pursue a personal injury claim against the relative for the dog bite injuries. Although this seemingly can create a stressful relationship between the family members, they should both know that the homeowner’s insurance company for the dog owner typically pays the settlement to the victim.  

That means that the dog owner should not have to pay any out of pocket settlements. Research shows that insurance rates rarely rise after this type of incident. 

Further, the dog owner often feels guilty for the attack and the settlement to the victim often mends any animosity in the relationship.

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