IN THE NEWS: Traffic Jams, Accidents, And Your Legal Rights. Attorney Greg Colburn Interviewed by Seattle's KOMO Newsradio

Can People Go To Jail For Causing A Major Traffic Jam As A Result Of A Vehicle Collision?

KOMO Newsradio's John Carlson (Phil Vanderhort filling in for John) Show interviewed Seattle attorney Greg Colburn, of Davis Law Group on April 9, 2012.  The discussion focused on the issue of traffic jams and if causing a car accident that results in a major traffic jam should be a criminal offense.

Questions addressed in the interview:
  • Should drivers stuck in traffic be able to seek compensation from the person who caused the accident?
  • Can you put people in jail for wasting other people's time in a traffic jam?
  • Are there different degrees of traffic infractions?
  • Is it criminal to cause a traffic accident?
  • Can semi-truck drivers go to jail for causing an accident?
  • Is there 'intent' for vehicle collisions?
  • Criminal vs. Civil: What is the difference in the two types of law when in comes to vehicle accidents?

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