Woman Chokes On Hot Dog. Who Can She Sue?

In June of 2012, a Seattle area woman, was eating a Hebrew National hot dog that had been purchased at Costco earlier that day.  Her boyfriend had prepared the hotdog on a gas grill.  Suddenly she started choking and coughing up blood. She was rushed to the emergency room where an Xray and CT scan found an object in her throat. A day later she had surgery to remove the object. It was a wire—about ¾ of an inch long. She later needed a second surgery to remove her tonsils due to damaged caused by the bristle/wire.

Greg Colburn, The 'Hot Dog Lawyer'

Attorney Greg Colburn represented the woman and investigated the case. The pressing legal questions were: Was the wire in the hot dog when she purchased it?  Or did a wire from a grill cleaning brush fall off and then become lodged in the hot dog during preparation?

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