Attention Motor Home Owners: Follow the "RV Lifestyle"

If you have an RV, enjoy it!
Other motor home owners say that there is a “lifestyle” associated with RV traveling. To get acquainted with friendly motor home manners, read these tips from other RV owners.

  • "When traveling, be sure to say hi to your fellow RVers. We’ve learned so much from others."
  • "Stop along the way to smell the roses. We don’t know what tomorrow brings, so take the time to enjoy each day of your life while we are on this earth. There are so many wonderful sights to see and so many wonderful people to enjoy. Breathe LIFE!"
  • "Enjoy yourselves, and don’t rush or get upset about little things. There is so much to learn and always someone to help."
  • "Minimize your stuff. When you live in a small space there’s not room for more than the essentials, but be sure you have the following: maps, slow cooker, camera, cell phone, binoculars, collapsible laundry sack, batteries and flashlights. Also, slow down your pace. Allow time to immerse yourself in a destination. When you slow down you truly experience a community and its people."
  • "Use the disposable (blue) gloves for dumping, hooking up and unhooking. The gloves are available cheap from auto supply stores."
  • “Join an FMCA chapter and get involved. When you commit to a rally, it is just the beginning of the enjoyment of it.”
  • “Just relax and enjoy the beautiful country. And remember, things are not perfect, including your new motorhome.”
  • "There are many places to spend the night other than conventional RV parks. Most motorhomes are quite self-contained; if you haven’t tried boondocking, you should!"
  • "Do not be afraid to go beyond your wildest dreams. Do not go to the same RV park every year. Go to different states, areas, types of parks. Meet new friends. Broaden your RV info. Pick up new ideas and help. Ask questions, seek answers."
  • "Do not prepare a rigid schedule. Enjoy the freedom to move from a location whenever you want. We never make all campsite reservations before leaving home and we have always found a place to stay."
  • "Join FMCA and a chapter for the best in camping tips and camping friends. You get all kinds of great information in Family Motor Coaching magazine. We look forward to it each month and have learned a lot of great tips and ideas from it."
  • "Life is short. If you own a motorhome, use it often. There are many places in this country that should be seen, experiences to experience, and people to make friends with."
  • "Take time in camp to get out and walk around and meet your neighbors. Don’t set up the TV and hibernate! Also, try to set aside some time to get off the interstates and travel some interesting side roads. Stop off in small towns and wander around, eat at the local diners, talk to the people, visit the small museums and town halls. Enjoy your fellow Americans."
  • “Go wherever you can; use the motorhome!”
  • "Prepare two checklists, one for preparation and packing and one for breaking camp. Preparation and packing: Make a list of all the things you will need. Do not over-pack. Remember there are stores on the way to your destination. For breaking camp: Don’t rush. Make sure all things are in order before you take off down the road. We use a checklist to make sure we don’t forget anything."
  • "Think of your neighbors and the affect your actions have on the general public, like when you park at Wal-Mart for too long."
  • "Be friendly and courteous to others. Leave your campsite cleaner than when you got there."
  • "Travel slowly. We usually only went 250 to 350 miles per day and stayed in an area long enough to enjoy it. Very important is to know your motorhome completely to avoid costly and time-consuming repairs. In 12 years, the only breakdown we had was one tire blowout."
  • "If you have access to a computer and the Internet, check out all the great sites on RVing, including and RV America. Become a member of FMCA and join a chapter in our area. Don't be afraid to ask questions of other RVers. We are a social lot and love to share what we have learned."

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