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Arrest Warrants Issued In Pit Bull Mauling Case

Updated on: 6/25/2018

Owners Fail To Appear In Court, Now On The Run.  Dogs To Be Euthanized. 

pitbull attack woman attorneyThere have been a few new developments in the case of Donna Berto, the woman who was mauled in a pit bull attack outside of a shop in Tacoma last August.  There was a dangerous dog hearing recently in this case---the owners of the dog were appealing The City of Tacoma Animal Control’s dangerous dog designation.  

Case: Devin C. Cannady v. City of Tacoma, Animal Control and Compliance, File Nos. HEX2O15-033 (Bandit) and HEX2O1S-034 (Paws aka LaLa).

Pictures: Top: Donna Berto, pit bull attack survivor.  Bottom: Johnny Cannady, dog owner. 

The new developments are as follows:

  • Appeal Denied: Yesterday The City of Tacoma has denied the dog owner’s appeal. 
  • Failure To Appear: The owners of the pit bulls, Johnny and Devin Cannady, did not show up for their arraignments in the Pierce County Superior Court yesterday.  
  • Warrants Issued: Bench warrants have been issued for the arrest of the owners.  
  • Dogs To Be Put Down: The City of Tacoma Hearing Examiner ordered that the dogs will be euthanized.
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