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Amtrak Derailment in Missouri Kills At Least Three People

Updated on: 6/28/2022

An Amtrak trian derailied in rural Missouri killing three and injuring at least fifty. 

The train was traveling to Chicago, carrying 243 passengers and 12 crew members, when it hit a dump truck at an uncontrolled intersection around 12:45pm. The collision caused seven of the eight cars to derail. 

The driver of the dumptruck, as well as two aboard the train, died. 

It was reported that the dump truck was trying to cross the tracks. The crossing did not have lights or guard rails. 

Exploring the Rights of Injured Passengers 

When an event like this occurs, the first thing victims should focus on is getting treatment for any injuries they sustained. Once they are ready to pursue a claim for damages. It is not yet clear who will be found at-fault for this accident, which means it is especially important to consult an experienced Amtrak derailment lawyer. The possibility of recovery seems to be relatively positive for those injured in the crash, or the fmailies of those who lost their lives. Both vehicles involved would be considered commercial vehicles, meaning they have a higher duty of care. Typically, vehicles that have a higher duty of care will also carry a higher level of insurance, meaning there is a better chance that people can fully recover, or be "made whole." 

If you or someone you know was injured in an Amtrak derailment, Davis Law Group offers free consultations so you can determine your next steps. To request a case review you can use the contact form or chat on this page, or call 206-727-4000. 

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