Alberta, Another Province Home to Distracted Driving Laws

car accident from texting
Alberta takes a stride toward safe driving habits and is another province that is putting a new distracted driving law into affect. Beginning Sept. 1, drivers are prohibited from talking, texting, emailing or web surfing on a hand held cell phone while driving.

“Alberta’s new distracted driving law is a good addition to our overall strategy to keep Albertans safer while on the road,” said Minister of Transportation Luke Ouellette in a release Thursday. “We want all drivers to practice safe driving habits to ensure we all return home safely at the end of each day.”

The fine for breaking the new law is $172 with no demerit point. Drivers could, however, face additional fines if they break other traffic violations such as running a red light while also being distracted simultaneously.

Distracted Driving Statistics in the U.S.

The federal government estimated that by 2007 11 percent of drivers were talking on their phones at any given time. Harvard University researchers have estimated that drivers using cell phones are causing more than 2,500 or more fatal crashes a year and more than 500,000 injury accidents annually. In 2008, distracted driving motor vehicle accidents killed nearly 6,000 Americans.

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