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Adults vs. Minors: The Differences In Lawsuit Guidelines

Updated on: 11/6/2019

When minors are involved in a personal injury case, there are a number of unique tasks that need to be completed. This (general) list, gives you an idea of the various things an attorney will do when a child is the subject in a personal injury lawsuit:

• Educate and teach parents and/or child about the court approval and Settlement Guardian and Litem process

• Draft and file petition to appoint the Settlement Guardian and Litem (SGAL) in cases involving children.

• Meet and confer with the SGAL to discuss the case and provide all relevant information regarding the child’s claim

• Review and analyze the SGAL’s report regarding the recommendation to approve or reject the child’s personal injury settlement

• Draft and prepare the petition asking the court to approve the minor child’s settlement

• Attend and argue the court hearing regarding the approval of the minor child’s settlement

• If a blocked account is to be opened for the child, provide the financial institution with necessary information

• If an annuity is to be purchased, provide the furnisher of that annuity with all necessary information and complete all necessary paperwork, release forms, disclosure statements, etc

• If a trust fund is to be created for the benefit of the child, review and complete all necessary paperwork, release forms, disclosure statements, etc

• Draft and file in court the appropriate written proof or receipts showing creation of the blocked account, annuity purchase, or managed trust account

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