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Accident Victim’s Mother Fights for Unsecured Load Laws in Washington State

Updated on: 11/13/2019

Have you ever driven behind a large truck on the roadway that was towing an open trailer containing gravel or other heavy materials? If you’re like me, you spend every second of the ride behind one of these large trucks hoping and praying that a mess of debris doesn’t fly out of the back and hit your car.

Dangers of Unsecured Loads

Although it seems like one of those things that never happens, an accident caused by roadway debris from an unsecured load can be extremely destructive, both in terms of property damage and personal injury. Just ask Robin Abel, a Washington state woman whose daughter nearly lost her life in an unsecured load accident when a 60-pound piece of furniture crashed through her windshield while she was driving.

“People don’t think it will happen to their family, but I’m here to tell you it can happen to any of us at any time,” says Abel.

Since the risk of unsecured loads and roadway debris accidents became a personal issue for Abel, she has put a great deal of time and effort into getting the state to change laws about unsecured loads, and she’s had some success.

Next Up: Gravel Loads

Now, Abel is working on getting Washington state lawmakers to make it against the law for unsecured loads of gravel. She believes that she will see similar success with this law as well.

“It was working and people cared to listen,” says Abel. “And as long as they listen, I keep talking.”

The bill regarding unsecured loads of gravel is scheduled to appear before a Senate committee today, and if successful will penalize drivers transporting unsecured loads.

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