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Multiple Vehicle Accident Sends Woman To the Emergency Room

Updated on: 11/18/2019

In Marysville traffic is still clearing after a multiple-vehicle car accident on northbound I-5 a little before noon. All lanes were cleared for travel just after noon. Reports vary but either five or six vehicles were involved in the collision. Marysville Car Accident

Were There Injuries?

Currently the only physical harm being reported is a a woman's head injury. It's unclear what role she played in the collision. More individuals involved in the car accident will likely go to medical facilities later in the day or week as shock wears off. Sometimes this is known as the "72-hour window."

The Danger of Head Injuries

Head injuries can lead to brain trauma. This is when the chance of concussion are the highest. Concussions typically occur after the brain makes an impact with the skull. Contrary to common perception, the skull isn't the only defense the brain has. Several membranes interrupt the space between the brain and the skull so that your brain doesn't slosh into your skull whenever you are, for instance, walking downhill (A paper on this was recently published in Nature)

During a concussion these membranes tear, increasing the likelihood that the brain will experience further damage. This is why seeing a medical doctor if you think you may have a concussion is always a good idea (especially because untreated concussions and other TBI can lead to heinous symptoms that can alter your personality and limit your skills).

What Else Should I Know About Car Accident Concussions?

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