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9-Year-Old Killed in I-90 Truck Accident Saves California Man's Life

Updated on: 2/17/2020

fatal semi truck accident bellevuefatal semi truck accident bellevue

The 9-year-old girl that was killed in the July pile-up accident in Bellevue saved a 53-year-old man’s life.

The little girl, whose legacy raised $1 million to provide clean water to child in Africa, organs were donated after she passed. Mark received her kidney and his life has been saved.

"It was very, very difficult to tell the story to anybody just probably because it is such an emotional story anyway," he said.

The California resident had been waiting for a new kidney for years when Rachel Beckwith’s kidney was flown to the man in Sacramento.

"The kidney started right up," Mark said.

The young girl died after a logging truck crash, when the car she was in was hit as well.

After doing research, he soon realized this was the kidney he was given.

He found out about Rachel's commitment to charity water, saw how she'd inspired thousands to donate and then he sent a message to her family.

Beckwith’s family said they would like to meet Mark someday to be near a part of their little girl again.






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