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8 Pieces of Information You Need To Know In the Hospital

Updated on: 10/5/2021

Visits to the hospital are mired in pain, misery, boredom, and anxiety. It's hard to feel in control when you're that vulnerable. But you can plan, which will give you a say in how you spend your time. In order to plan you need information, but what information do you need exactly? 

That's why we've put together a list of 8 pieces of information you need to make plans (and ease anxiety) while in the hospital. Some may seem obvious, but if you don't have this basic information you can do very little and your anxiety will spike. So even if  you think a question is stupid, try to answer the question yourself and if you can't clearly do it in once sentence, get a professional to clearly explain the answer to you:

1. Find out your primary doctor's name and the names of the specialists he or she will consult for your treatment.

2. Write down your diagnosis. Make sure that know the correct spelling of every condition or affected body part.

3. Ask what your prognosis is based your response to treatment. 

4. Get the name of the hospital social worker. He or she will help with insurance payment and billing issues.

5. Ask about complications from medicines you were talking before your hospital stay might have if they interact with medications from your hospitalization. Ask a professional to record these reactions on your discharge instructions.

6. Ask for multiple copies of discharge instructions, or at least a way of obtaining another copy of discharge instructions should you lose them. Make sure that you run through all of the instructions with your caretaker (e.g. is there a special way to wrap a bandagebefore you leave the hospital in front of nurse staff.

7. Ask about any special equipment that will help with your recovery, and get a recommendation from a nurse about a place to purchase it.

8. Ask a friend or family member to buy a paper calendar so you can record follow-up appointments. Sync up iCalendar or Google Calendar with your new paper calendar so you don't lose track of any appointments.

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