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Suspected DUI Driver Injures 6, including 4 children in SR 18 Collision

Updated on: 1/7/2021

Four children and two adults were injured in an apparent drunk driving collision on State Route-18 early Friday morning. 

The collision took place just before 6:00 a.m. Friday morning when the white SUV with six occupants rolled over near the Tiger Mountain Summit between Issaquah Hobart Road and I-90. 

When the SUV rolled over an infant was reportedly ejected, and landed in the middle of the road all six were transported to Harborview medical center for treatment according to Eastside Fire and Rescue. 
Preliminary information shows that the vehicle was eastbound when the driver entered a ditch, causing the vehicle to roll across all lanes of traffic before landing on the shoulder facing the wrong direction. 
The 39-year-old driver appeared to first responders to be under the influence of intoxicants due to a strong odor, but physical evaluations were not performed due to her condition. 

Recovery Options for Drunk Driving Accident Victims. 

Every time someone is hurt or killed in an accident that involves a drunk driver it is an entirely avoidable catastrophe that leaves individuals or in this case entire families broken and picking up the pieces. 

Those injured in this accident, adult or child apart from the driver all have an immediate claim to make a recovery from their driver's insurance, unfortunately, though the more victims that are involved in an accident the more the money from a recovery is split and the more complicated the settlement becomes. 

All victims will have up to three years to settle their claim before the statute of limitations expires, however, the children who were injured can make a recovery through a parent or guardian now or within an additional three years after their 18th birthday.
Even if the children will have more time to make a recovery years from now, the available money from the drivers insurance company will not change meaning if a child waits until their 18th birthday to settle there could be little to no funds remaining for them to claim without proper representation now. 
Accidents involving multiple victims are complicated, dealing with insurance limits and in the end negotiating with both the other victims and the insurance company can leave unprepared or underrepresented victims high and dry when settlements are finally distributed. 
If you or a loved one have been injured in a drunk driving collision the award-winning team of drunk driving attorneys at Davis Law Group are here to help offering free case evaluations for accident victims and their loved ones.

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