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5 Injured After Dump Truck Hits Pedestrian, Smashes Multiple Cars Before Crashing Into Subway in Pioneer Square

Updated on: 3/9/2020

Four people are hospitalized Monday morning after a dump truck crashed into a Subway restaurant in the Pioneer Square district of Seattle at more than 30 mph after hitting multiple cars.

The crash occurred just before 10 am between 1st Avenue and 3rd Avenue, across from the famous sinking ship parking garage.

Witnesses reported hearing several large bangs, seeing the truck appear to lose control, gain speed, and crash into the restaurant at as much as 40 mph.

At this time it appears only the owner was inside the restaurant and they are among the four being hospitalized for what is reported to be serious injuries.

This witness describes seeing the truck just miss their vehicle before crashing into the store front.

According to KOMO reporting, preliminary investigations are showing a “catastrophic mechanical failure appears to be the cause. Those injured include the truck driver, the subway owner, the drivers of the cars that were struck and a pedestrian that was struck by the truck on 2nd Ave.

Large Commercial Vehicle Accidents

At this time, it appears that the crash resulted from a mechanical failure of the commercial vehicle which helps offer some clarity on where levels of liability may fall in this case.

Mechanical failures that cause an accident could connect liability for said accident back to multiple different groups that could be found liable.

Potential sources of liability include  

  • The driver/ operator who may have failed to recognize the need for maintenance or how he handled the truck after the failure.
  • The employer for not having strong enough safety standards, guidelines or enforcement.
  • Or the manufacturer if a part failed due to defect or other reasons not related to improper care or upkeep of the vehicle.  

Accidents like this are complicated, but the first priority for anyone involved in an accident involving a commercial vehicle or semi-truck should be seeking out medical treatment working towards a physical recovery.

While working with healthcare providers though, it’s important that those injured take care not to sign away any rights working with insurance before the extent of their damages is fully known.

The Award-Winning team of personal injury attorneys at Davis Law Group have helped accident victims untangle the messy web of liability involved in their accidents and ensure that they reach as full a financial recovery as possible.

If you or a loved one were injured in a semi-truck or commercial vehicle accident, you can request a free consultation today by calling 206-727-4000 or using the contact or chat windows on this page.  

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