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3-Year-Old Playing In Parked Van Killed By Driver In Seattle

Updated on: 7/29/2020

A 3-year-old was killed when a driver struck the van she was playing in with two other young children. 

The driver struck the parked van in the Madison Valley neighborhood of Seattle just before 5 p.m. on Sunday while the three-year-old and two other young boys were playing inside. 

The two boys escaped with only minor injuries according to authorities but the three-year-old who died was reportedly thrown from the vehicle where they suffered a serious injury to the head and eventually passed. 

At this time investigators do not believe the driver who struck the van was under the influence at the time of the crash but are still working to determine if charges will be filed. 

Child Accident and Wrongful Death Claims

Any accident involving the death of a minor is an incredible tragedy that can never be made right. 

Wrongful death claims after an accident can serve to alleviate unnecessary additional pain and suffering of family members and potentially ease the grieving process, providing assistance and guidance through the process of dealing with the death of a loved one. 

Parents who lose a child can be compensated for any and all expenses resulting from the loss of the child including any medical care that was rendered, as well as loss of love and companionship. 

While it is impossible to calculate the value of the life of a child, the courts and legal system have systems to determine the value of damages and offer family members fair compensation after a deadly accident. 

The attorneys at Davis Law Group are experienced in dealing with the complex and painful nature of child injury cases and are equipped to guide parents and family members through the recovery process with care, attentiveness and compassion. 

If you or a loved one have questions about a potential personal injury claim, our team offers free case evaluations for accident victims and their family members to help understand the path ahead and know if hiring an attorney might be right for you. 

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