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3-Teens Killed in Rollover Collision on Bainbridge Island

Updated on: 3/30/2021

Three high school students were killed in a rollover accident on Sunrise Drive Tuesday evening on Bainbridge Island. 

The single-vehicle crash took place around 9 p.m. Tuesday evening when the vehicle left the road near the 11000 block of Sunrise Drive, struck multiple trees, and rolled. 

The occupants, three teenage girls from the local high school were all found dead at the scene. 

Authorities are investigating the scene and have stated they believe speed was a factor in the crash. 

Options After Single Vehicle Wrongful Death Accidents.

Collisions like this one or this crash from Puyallup last year that take the lives of multiple children are devastating not only to the victim's families but to entire communities. 

Unfortunately, accidents like this happen all to often with more than 2,000 teens dying on the road every year across the country.

While investigators have not released their full report of their findings from this accident, the indication that speed appears to have been a factor could be a crucial point for family members of the two passengers who died in this crash. 

Whether the driver of this vehicle was simply speeding, or was intoxicated, or distracted at the time of the collision, the loved ones of her passengers would have a right to make a claim for their losses due to the crash. 

Even if the teen's policy itself were limited, due to the family car doctrine if it can be shown that the driver was regularly allowed to use the vehicle in question families would be able to bring a claim against her parent's policy and assets as well to recoup further damages. 

Even if the investigation discovered that victims were in some way contributing to the negligence of the driver, or severity of their injuries by not wearing seatbelts, etc, the claim would simply have to account for comparative negligence to determine the amount of liability the passengers had for their condition, not remove the total burden of liability from the driver. 

Accidents involving teenage drivers are complex, painful, and can be incredibly challenging to navigate, even when death is not involved. 

After a devastating wrongful death accident like this, it's crucial that the victims loved ones take their time to grieve, get through the moment, and when they're ready pursue the best quality help available to handle their claim. 

The statute of limitations for wrongful death and personal injuries in Washington State is three years from the date of the accident, and while it's not wise to wait until the last minute to begin a claim process, no one should be rushing accident victims or their loved ones to settle a claim as quickly as possible. 

If you've lost a loved one in an accident and are ready to ask questions about your potential claim, you can call 206-727-4000 to speak to the experienced and compassionate team of wrongful death attorneys at Davis Law Group for a free case evaluation. 

Our team of attorneys and case investigators can help lay out the claim process and break down the best path forward for your claim including whether or not your claim requires an attorney at all, all free of charge and with no pressure to sign. 

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