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Multi-Car Collision in Tacoma hospitalizes 3 Monday

Updated on: 10/29/2021

Three people were injured in a multi-car collision Monday evening in Tacoma.

Crews arrived at the scene at Yakima Ave and South 59th Street Monday evening and had to extricate two of the drivers from their vehicles before transporting them and a third injured party to local hospitals. 

Authorities closed the scene for a half-hour after the collision for their investigation, but no suspected cause has been released at this time. 

Understanding Liability in Multi-Vehicle Collisions

While it is surprisingly uncommon for an accident to be truly cut and dry in terms of who the at-fault party is, multi-vehicle collisions tend to involve an added layer of complexity and blurriness in the process. 

In any single-car collision, if there is a party who was intoxicated, speeding, driving against a signal or otherwise violating the rules of the road, that tends to be a solid initial indicator of liability, but what happens when a driver is struck by a second vehicle due to the actions of the first? 

Or if an accident is simply caused by a driver trying to avoid another driver, who is left seemingly uninvolved in the collision, other than simply being the catalyst for it. 

Multi-Vehicle collisions simply add a wrinkle of complexity on top of the already complex recovery process for accident victims, and that's why the award-winning car accident attorneys at Davis Law Group recommend victims of multi-vehicle collisions seek out an expert opinion before speaking with an insurance company regarding their claim. 

Davis Law Group offers accident victims of all kinds free case evaluations to help determine the best path forward for their claim, including whether or not they should hire an attorney or would simply be better off handling the claim themselves. 

To request a free case evaluation from Davis Law Group accident victims can call 206-727-4000 or use the chat or contact options on this page 24-hours a day, seven days a week.  

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