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3-Car Crash in Shoreline Critically Injures Woman.

Updated on: 5/14/2020

A woman in her 60's was transported to the hospital with life threatening injuries after a 3-car crash in Shoreline Wednesday.  

The accident took place Wednesday afternoon on NE 175th near 10th Ave NE and involved a pick-up truck, mini van and an unidentified vehicle that is seen to have left the road in a tweet from the king county Sheriff's office. 


No arrests, citations or known causes for the accident have been released at this time but authorities do state that drivers stayed at the scene and are cooperating with the ongoing investigation. 

Understanding The Recovery Process For Multi Car Accident Victims

As investigators do their work and determine causes and liability for this accident the woman who was injured and her family should be focused on making sure she receives the best quality of care possible after the accident. 

Police reports typically come available in the days following an accident and contain information including an initial determination of fault as well as potential witness statements, photographs of the scene and other crucial information for laying the groundwork for a claim. 

At this time, reports have indicated that only one person was injured in the collision, however over time additional injuries like potential soft tissue injuries to the joints and ligaments,  or Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) could surface from others involved in the collision and as such, all parties involved would be wise be checked out following the accident. 

Multiple potential injured parties in an accident could also make a settlement more complicated as most insurance plans offer per person and per accident limits, meaning that even if three or four individuals are injured in an accident and could make a reasonable claim for the insurance limits available, the total settlement for all parties cannot go beyond the per accident limit. 

In complex accidents like this one with multiple potential claimants and a woman with serious injuries, it's important to have the right legal team on your side advocating for your rights and recovery. 

That's why Davis Law Group has been advocating for accident victims in the state of Washington for more than 20 years with free legal guide books and case evaluations for accident victims and their families. 

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