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Possible DUI Crash Involving Teens Kills 2 Injures 2 Others

Updated on: 8/18/2020

Two teens were killed and another two injured in a suspected DUI crash near Puyallup around 3:00 a.m. Friday morning. 

The rollover crash occurred just south of Puyallup near 31st Avenue Southwest and South Fruitland where first responders say both speed and drugs or alcohol may have been factors. 

Puyallup police report the car appears to have gone airborne and lost control before striking a ditch and rolling over, killing the 16 and 17-year-old occupants in the back of the vehicle who were not wearing seatbelts.  

The 16-year-old driver and a 15-year-old passenger were both transported to a local hospital with non life threatening injures.

Drunk Driving Fatalities And Minors 

Any accident that claims the life of someone involved is a tragedy and accidents that harm or kill our children are even more heartbreaking.

Unfortunately, in drunk driving accidents, fatalities are all to common and even more so in accidents where individuals were not wearing a seatbelt.  

In this case that appears to be tragedy all around with two young lives cut short and two others forever altered, one potentially facing criminal charges and the other being left with potential life altering injuries and the mental trauma of this catastrophic event.

The family members of the victims in this accident are currently dealing with the grief that comes from the loss of a child, or simply the knowledge that their child was put in grave danger and managed to survive. 

After taking whatever time is needed to grieve, or to recover in the case of the children who survived when the question of a potential child injury claim becomes relevant, it is crucial parents take stock of their options and go forward with the best help they can get.  

One potential complicating factor in cases like this one would be litigating whether or not the  family car doctrine would apply to this case, which could be the difference in hundreds of thousands of dollars available for recovery. 

Davis Law Group has been handling complex wrongful death cases for decades, helping the families of accident victims understand and make it through the long and painful process of a recovery after losing a loved one.  

If you have questions about a potential wrongful death, car accident or any personal injury claim of any kind, the expert team of personal injury attorneys at Davis Law Group are here to help offering free case evaluations for accident victims and their family members with no obligation to sign. 

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