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2 Seriously Hurt In Crash Near Portage Bay Neighborhood

Updated on: 2/15/2019

Two people were seriously injured in a crash Tuesday morning near Seattle’s Portage Bay neighborhood, police said. The incident occurred in the 2700 block of Harvard Avenue East.

While the circumstances of the crash are still under investigation, some details are known. Two people were found trapped inside a vehicle. Both were freed from the vehicle, then taken to Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center in stable condition with serious injuries.

Consulting An Attorney After An Accident

Most motor vehicle accidents are the result of negligence by one or more drivers. An accident victim seeking to hold someone responsible for negligent driving will typically need to prove four things:

  • The defendant's duty to the victim; 
  • A breach of duty; 
  • Causation; 
  • Actual damages

A driver may breach a duty to use reasonable care while driving in a variety of ways, such as by texting while driving, talking on the phone, driving while tired, driving drinking and driving, or tuning the radio.

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