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2 Killed, 2 Injured In Snowplow Crash In Grays Harbor County

Updated on: 11/22/2019

Two people were killed and another two injured when their vehicle crashed into a snowplow early Sunday morning in Grays Harbor County near Montesano, according to the Washington State Patrol.

State Patrol said that two vehicles were westbound on Highway 12 around 2:50 a.m. Sunday when one of the vehicles, a snowplow dump truck, made a U-turn. An Acura Integra with four occupants crashed into the driver’s side of the snowplow.

A 36-year-old man and a 38-year-old woman were killed. A 29-year-old woman was flown to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle and a 28-year-old man was taken to Tacoma General Hospital. All four victims were from Aberdeen.

The 50-year-old snowplow driver was not injured.

None of the occupants in the Acura were wearing seat belts, State Patrol said. 

The incident is still under investigation.

Snowplow Accidents In Washington State

Accidents involving snowplows occur for a variety of reasons. Serious injuries and death may happen because of the extreme weather and road conditions, the fatigue and lack of sleep from plowing early into the morning and the pressures to plow as many roads or driveways in a shift as possible. Driver fatigue and carelessness, dangerous road conditions and snowplow equipment failure are some of the causes of snowplow accidents.

Snowplow accidents are often serious given the sheer size of most snow removal vehicles. Catastrophic injuries resulting in death, paralysis and permanent impairment frequently result when a passenger vehicle is involved in a crash with a snowplow. In cases involving snowplow operator negligence or snowplow equipment failure, victims are entitled to seek compensation for their medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.

If you were injured in a snowplow accident, your Washington state snowplow accident attorney may bring a personal injury claim against either:

  • The city or town that employed the operator and provided the snowplow vehicle.
  • The Washington State Department of Transportation responsible for plowing state and interstate roads and highways.
  • The private snowplow company that employed the operator and provided the snowplow. These are often landscaping companies that do snow removal during the winter months.

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