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2 Injured as Pickup Rear Ends Metro Bus in Kent

Updated on: 8/18/2020

Two people were injured when a large pickup truck slammed into the back of a King County Metro bus Tuesday in Kent, according to the King County Sheriff’s Department. 

The incident occurred around 12:20 p.m. on Canyon Drive near Alvord Avenue North. 

Police say the pickup truck was towing a trailer loaded with plywood when it smashed into the Route 166 bus that was stopped in a bus zone on Canyon Drive. The pickup truck was traveling at a high speed and caused serious damage to the back of the bus. 

There were six passengers in addition to the driver aboard the bus at the time of the crash. Two passengers were taken to the hospital for treatment. The others were evaluated at the scene and released. 

There is no word on the condition of the pickup truck driver. 

The incident remains under investigation. 

Location of the Crash

Bus Accidents in Washington State

There are several ways which evidence can be used to support a bus accident claim, including video surveillance, dash cam footage, witness statements, and even cell phone records. An experienced bus accident lawyer will investigate all potential theories of liability, including: 

  • The driver of the bus. If a bus driver is negligent and causes an accident that injures passengers or another driver, the bus driver and the bus company could potentially both be named as defendants in a lawsuit. 
  • Bus maintenance companies and contractors. Most bus and coach operators outsource maintenance work on their vehicles. If a maintenance company fails to properly maintain and service a bus and it leads to a crash, they could potentially be held legally responsible and therefore would be required to compensate the victim(s) for their injuries, medical bills, lost wages, and even pain and suffering.
  • Bus manufacturers. Manufacturers are typically held legally liable for injuries that occur when a product they are responsible for manufacturing and selling poses an unreasonable danger to the public. An example of this might include product defects or known issues that cause safety hazards which can pose a serious risk to the general public. 
  • Other negligent drivers. Sometimes, a chain reaction crash involving a bus or train can be caused by another driver's negligence. Drivers who cut off buses or are otherwise at-fault for causing a collision with a bus can be named as defendants in a lawsuit and their insurance company would be responsible for compensating injured victims for their injuries, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

If you have been injured in a bus crash, you need to evaluate your legal options. For a free case evaluation with an experienced personal injury lawyer at Davis Law Group in Seattle, call (206) 727-4000, use the chat feature below or fill out the form on this page.

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