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2 Dead in Wednesday Evening Crash on SR-9 in Snohomish

Updated on: 12/17/2020

A driver and their passenger are dead after a collision on SR-9 Wednesday evening.

According to state troopers, a sedan was attempting to make a left turn from the northbound lanes of SR-9 when it was struck by a pickup truck towing a trailer as it crossed the southbound lanes. 

Both the driver and passenger in the sedan that was struck were killed in the accident, with the driver of the pickup walking away unscathed according to initial reports. 

State troopers are still investigating if there were additional factors that lead to this collision, but have not released any more information at this time. 

Understanding Wrongful Death Accidents. 

Car accidents of any kind are dangerous, but accidents on the highway come with high speeds and little room for error leading to devastating collisions like this one.  

Without more information, we can't know if there were any additional factors that could have impacted the sedan driver's decision to make the left turn leaving the freeway but any number of factors could be brought to light that could impact any potential wrongful death claim on the part of the victims. 

Things like speed, impairment or visibility could all impact a judgement on who is eventually held liable for an accident like this and could result in both victims having a viable claim, or even just the passenger having a claim against the driver

Because passengers are given the same protections as other drivers on the road, unless the passenger from the sedan is found to have done something which directly contributed to the collision, they will have a claim of some form, whether it is against their driver or the driver of the pickup. 

Understanding next steps for loved ones after a wrongful death accident is hard, and family members should take their time and refuse to be rushed to sign anything from any insurance company who may offer a quick settlement as a means to help. 

The truth is, car accident victims and their loved ones only have one opportunity to settle a claim, and insurance companies offer quick, lowball settlements before you have all the facts to protect their bottom line, not to help you. 

Victims and their loved ones who are unsure how to proceed with a potential claim should speak with experienced wrongful death attorneys like Davis Law Group who offer free case evaluations for accident victims and can help break down the recovery process and map out a plan for your claim. 

Davis Law Group has helped thousands of accident victims and can help you get the settlement you deserve whether you hire us or not by calling 206-727-4000 or using the chat or contact options on this page and request a free case evaluation today. 

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