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Sixteen Examples Of Serious Car Accident Cases

Updated on: 3/9/2020

A Small Sample Of Car Accident Cases Recently Accepted By Davis Law Group

Below are brief descriptions of 16 new car accident cases currently that have recently been accepted by the car accident attorneys at Davis Law Group, P.S. These injury victims have retained attorney Chris Davis to help protect their legal rights and help them get fair compensation for their injuries, medical bills, lost wages, etc.  This is just a small fraction of the accident cases that we are handling for motor vehicle accident victims in Washington State.  Do any of these cases sound similar to your car accident? 

1.    Our client was rear-ended at approx 40mph in a four-vehicle accident.  He was knocked unconscious from the impact.  He was pushed into the car in front of him then a fourth vehicle rear-ended the at-fault driver causing another chain-reaction impact.  Our client has serious back injuries.  

2.    Our client was on a moped and had the right of way when the at-fault driver, who was driving a Suburban, turned left and hit her.  Our client suffered serious injuries which required multiple surgeries and a lengthy stay at Harborview Medical Center.  She has lasting injuries from which she will never fully recover.  

3.    Our client was involved in a major accident at an intersection in Ballard in which the at-fault driver was who was driving a minivan t-boned her.  Police determined that the at-fault driver failed to yield right of way to our client.  

4.    Our client was stopped at red light on 148th NE in Bellevue. She was two cars back. There was also a car directly behind her at a complete stop.  The at-fault driver was texting and driving when he slammed into the car directly behind our client; that car was pushed into her; and she was then pushed into the car in front of her---resulting in a four-car, chain-reaction accident.  Our client suffered serious back injuries. 

5.    Our client, who is a nurse, was hit by a pickup truck while she was walking in a crosswalk with the light.  She suffered serious injuries which required a long stay at Harborview Medical Center; surgeries, and months of follow-up treatment and rehabilitation therapy. 

6.    Our client, who was 8 months pregnant, was driving with her young daughter in the car when the at-fault driver pulled out in front over her causing an accident at 65 MPH.  Our client and her daughter both suffered serious injuries and the unborn child had complications due to the accident. 

7.    Our client was driving on Highway 520 near the 405 interchange when he came to a complete stop due to heavy rush-hour traffic.  The at-fault driver rear-ended our client at a high rate of speed causing back, neck and hip injuries.  

8.    Our client was a passenger on a motorcycle that was struck by a car.  Our client was thrown from the motorcycle and suffered serious back injuries. 

9.    Our client was rear-ended in a multi-car, chair-reaction crash and sustained injuries which required months of medical treatment and physical therapy. 

10.    Our client was on her way to a Seahawks football game when she was struck head-on by a drunk-driver that had been consuming large amounts of alcohol at a tailgate party.  She required back surgery, spinal fusion, physical therapy etc. 

11.    Our client was on her way home from work when the at-fault driver crossed the double yellow lines and turned into a McDonald’s parking lot where it t-boned our client.  She suffered major head, neck and back injuries. 

12.    Our client was traveling on Highway 160.  The at-fault driver ran stop sign on Phillips Rd causing him to hit our client.  Our client suffered serious neck, back, and knee injuries.

13.    Our client and his spouse were driving in Auburn when the at-fault driver ran a red light and hit them head-on.  Both suffered serious injuries. 

14.    Our client was rear-ended on Highway 167 and pushed into another vehicle.  Our client suffered a traumatic brain injury and serious facial injuries. 

15.    Our client was rear-ended by a semi-truck.  She was the passenger in a small sedan driven by her husband.  She has suffered serious neck and back injuries.

16.    Our client was in stop-and-go-traffic on I-5 during rush hour.  She was at a complete stop when she was rear-ended by another driver.  She has serious back injuries which include bulging discs. 

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