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10 Hospitalized By Carbon Monoxide In Redmond

Updated on: 4/26/2021

carbon monoxide death lawyerRedmond police say 10 people were taken to the hospital Sunday morning after being exposed to carbon monoxide. A vehicle accidentally left running in a garage of an attached townhome is the suspected cause.

According to police, the victims were in “various stages of consciousness.” The victims were taken to Harborview Medical Center, Evergreen, Overlake and Virginia Mason.

Police say a 911 call and quick emergency response prevented a tragedy.

Where Does Carbon Monoxide Come From?

Carbon monoxide is a gas you can’t see, smell or taste. But make no mistake – it can easily kill you. 

Carbon monoxide is produced by the burning of any material that contains carbon. The bloodstream absorbs it readily and displaces the oxygen, leading to brain damage or death. Young children and older adults are particularly susceptible.

Here are some common appliances that can generate carbon monoxide, such as:

  • Gas water heaters
  • Kerosene space heaters
  • Charcoal grills
  • Propane heaters and stoves
  • Gasoline and diesel-powered generators and engines
  • Boat engines
  • Spray paint, solvents, degreasers, and paint removers

What Are The Symptoms Of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

The Mayo Clinic has outlined the signs and symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning:

  • Dull headache
  • Weakness
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Shortness of breath
  • Confusion
  • Blurred vision
  • Loss of consciousness

Carbon monoxide poisoning can be especially dangerous for people who are sleeping or intoxicated. People may have irreversible brain damage or even be killed before anyone realizes there's a problem.

If You’ve Been Harmed By Carbon Monoxide

First and foremost, you need to receive the proper medical treatment so that you can get back to full strength. But once you’ve regained your health, you should consider contacting an experienced personal injury attorney and learning about your legal rights.

If your carbon monoxide poisoning injuries were caused by someone else’s fault, you may have grounds for a claim. These incidents are often caused by someone’s negligence or oversight, and the results can be catastrophic. Don’t wait, time is running out to file a claim.

Before talking to a manufacturer, landlord or plumber about your injuries, contact the experienced carbon monoxide poisoning attorneys at Davis Law Group, P.S., today. We understand the issues involved and can't be misled or fooled into ignoring negligence on the part of plumbers, manufacturers and landlords.

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