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1 Dead in Tacoma Crash Involving Motorcycle

Updated on: 8/18/2020

A Motorcyclist is dead in Tacoma after a collision with a truck Tuesday Morning. 

The crash took place around 10 a.m. Tuesday on Pacific Avenue South where the 26-year-old rider was headed south when he collided with a truck. 

The driver of the truck, a man in his late 70's sustained minor injuries from the crash while the rider died shortly after arriving at a hospital. 

Investigators have not disclosed what they believe caused the accident at this time. 

Measurable Increase in Fatal Motorcycle Accidents

Washington State is currently on track for a record year for motorcycle accidents on our roads, with several fatal accidents earlier in the month, and nearly a dozen in April alone.

While no details have been released regarding the cause of this accident, or who may be determined to be at fault, one common thread through many of the serious injury or fatal accidents in recent months has been extreme speeds, which could have contributed to the severity of the riders injuries if high speeds were involved. 

Family members of the deceased rider should begin to gather what information they can regarding his accident including requesting a police report which could contain vital details for any potential wrongful death claim they may have. 

Knowing details like whether the rider was speeding or not, wearing a helmet or lane splitting will help build the bases of a claim and determine who is at fault, or how much each party may be at fault in cases of comparative negligence.   

Comparative negligence means that even if the driver is not completely at fault, or the rider made some errors that contributed to the accident or the severity of his injuries, the family of the deceased rider can still pursue claim against the driver for a percentage of the total claims value. 

Wrongful death and motorcycle accident claims are complicated enough when liability is not in question, when liability is unclear, it takes a skilled team of professional motorcycle accident attorneys like Davis Law Group to properly manage the claim and achieve a just result for the family members of the victim.  

Davis Law Group offers free case evaluations for accident victims and their family members to help understand the complicated recovery process with no risk and no pressure to sign so that accident victims can better understand their rights and be better prepared to take on insurance companies in their claims. 

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