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Kitsap County Collision Kills 1

Updated on: 8/11/2020

A woman in her 70's is dead after a Friday Morning Crash in Kitsap County. 

The crash took place when one driver attempted to cross the freeway to reach the off-ramp connecting highway 308 to highway 3. 

The crossing vehicle failed to yield to a driver traveling on 308 in the opposite direction. 

Authorities say the 72-year-old Poulsbo woman who collided with the turning vehicle died at the scene while the two people in the turning truck were not injured. 

Charges are currently pending for the driver of the turning truck but have not been specified at this time.

Legal Options After Wrongful Death Accidents

Our state highway system is complex and weaves through the mountains, metros, and plains tying us all together. Unfortunately, this intricate web of roadways can also be some of our state's deadliest. 

Accidents occurring at freeway entrances and exits are unfortunately fairly common, with hundreds of accidents taking place on these ramps every year across the United States. 

Wrongful death claims can be long and arduous involving a long investigation and negotiation process not only to prove liability but to determine the value of the claim itself. 

The value of a wrongful death claim is dependant on a number of factors including the age and income of the deceased as well as the potential loss of love and companionship by their family members or partner. 

While determining lost income can be relatively simple, the process of negotiating the value of loss of consortium can be far less straightforward and the outcomes could vary drastically. 

Having the right legal advocates on your side through this process can make a difference of millions of dollars and that's why Davis Law Group offers free case evaluations for accident victims and their family members to help understand the best path for their claim moving forward. 

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