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1 Dead in Crash Involving Pickup and Trailer on Highway 101 Monday Afternoon

Updated on: 9/3/2019

A man is dead after his pickup carrying a trailer lost control while traveling northbound on Highway 101 near old Olympic Highway.

It appears the truck and trailer jackknifed, sending them off the road to the right where they crashed and quickly caught fire.  

According to authorities, there were a total of four individuals in the car at the time, including 2 children.

At this time the one adult male is listed as the only fatality while authorities reported one of the children suffering serious injuries.

Crashes in The Family

It has been reported that those involved in this accident were a family, which would make sense given the busy holiday weekend.

Crashes like this one that only involve one vehicle may seem initially clear cut as to matters of fault or liability, but investigations may turn up any number of factors that could have played a role in this crash.

Descriptions of the crash mention the truck and trailer jackknifing before leaving the road. While this is possibly due to driver error it is also possible that an equipment malfunction, road hazard, or other factor could have led to the trailer jackknifing.

Insurance in accidents like this can be complicated and while the investigation of the accident and recovery from is still ongoing, insurance companies may pressure victims to sign documents, make recorded statements, or otherwise find ways to release them of liability.

Due to all victims being family members, there may only be 1 insurance policy at play, as opposed to accidents with at fault drivers in another vehicle or even non-related passengers in a car with the at fault driver.  This means that while in other cases victims could pursue a full recovery through the at fault drivers insurance, as well as their own, there is likely only one policy to work with.

This is just one of the many reasons why it’s crucial for accident victims to reach out to experienced car accident attorneys like The Davis Law Group for help.

Once you sign a release or make a statement to insurance, it can often be too late to take back, that’s why The Davis Law Group offers free consultations where our team of experienced attorneys can help evaluate the specific needs of your case.

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