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‘Wheels of Justice’ Helps Bicycle Accident Victims

Updated on: 11/13/2019

A new book entitled, ‘Wheels of Justice’ was written by Seattle bicycle accident attorney Christopher M. Davis. This resource is to help accommodate victims of bicycle accidents.

 The book discuses many important aspects of bicycle accident claims. Such as the basics of what to do when you are in an accident with an automobile, other cyclists, or roadway obstacle.

 As society turns more “green”, we see more and more people choosing bicycling as their form of transportation. However, our roadways and educational resources on cyclists’ safety have not been as quick to respond to this new trend – nearly 1,000 people are killed every year in bicycle accidents in the United States.

“After a collision with an automobile, for example, cyclists must understand local laws and legal concepts that apply to their case such as ‘right of way,’ the reciprocal duty of care that the motorist and bicyclist each has toward the other and the different situations when a bicyclist is treated as a motorist or a pedestrian.”

In Wheels of Justice, Davis provides basic, understandable information about typical accident claims involving cyclists; defines the legal and settlement process for bicycle accident claims; gives tips on dealing with insurance companies; offers insight into how bicycle accident injury claims are valued; and discusses common questions and legal problems that are often present in bicycle accident cases.

This book is written in terms for the average person to understand – rather than law jargon, most often found on other accident resources.

The book goes over the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a personal injury attorney with straightforward information.

As a public service to citizens in Washington State, for a limited time free copies are available through 

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