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Seattle's Cutest Office Dog

Lucy Davis (aka Lucy Lawless)

Lucy Davis (aka Lucy Lawless)

Law Dog & Chief Barketing Officer
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Cuteness Unleashed

Since 2009, Lucy Davis is a valued member of the award-winning team at Davis Law Group.  Lucy is our office dog and official mascot.  Lucy is at the office almost every day.  Her job is to provide calming comfort to anyone who could use a serious dose of cuteness---and who doesn't mind if she licks their hands or face.   

Lucy has a deep passion for victim's advocacy and is known for her tenacity especially when it comes to representing innocent victims of negligence.  Lucy has a knack for sniffing out and tracking down anyone who needs a furry friend.  She has a successful track record of helping the personal injury victims that visit our office.  Lucy will scratch and claw for the best possible outcome.

Every Dog Has Its Day

Lucy didn't go to law school but she still passed his state 'bark exam'.  And has even been recognized by the legal community as a 'top dog'.  In 2017 Lucy was recognized by Lawyers of Distinction as one of the top 10% of attorneys in the US.  See Lucy's acceptance speech.

Office Dogs Improve Productivity

According to The Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Center at Columbia Business School, having pets in an office can bolster employee productivity and reduce stress.  New studies back up the theory that having canines at work is helpful. During a Central Michigan University study researchers found that having a dog present in an office increases collaboration and encourages colleagues to develop greater trust and team cohesion.   

Lucy has become a core member of the team at Davis Law Group.  Lucy often finds someone who is willing to allow her to sit on their lap as they work or attend a staff meeting.

Lucy is rarely seen in the lobby or conference rooms as she is not allowed to hang out there---to keep her from barking at the legal messengers.  But occasionally Lucy (also known as ‘Lucy Lawless’ due unique ability to get away with breaking the rules) escapes into the lobby where she likes to pretend that she is a cat and sit on top of the front desk counter to wait for someone to walk into the office and admire her.   

Lucy can often be seen vigorously attacking a stuffed animal that is bigger than she is.  At lunch time she likes to hang out in the kitchen in the hope that someone will inadvertently drop a tasty morsel on the floor—even though feeding her ‘people food’ is against the rules.  The staff knows not to leave their lunch or a snack sitting on their desks.  Because if they walk away they may come back to find that Lucy has jumped up to help them finish it off.  

If you visit the offices of Davis Law Group and don't see Lucy just ask any member of the staff they will gladly bring her in to meet you.  

A Dog's Life: Hobbies & Interests

Outside of her professional life, Lucy enjoys long walks and lots of quality time with her family.  Believe it or not, Lucy loves bike riding.  Yes, bike riding.  But but, out of an abundance of caution and due to the lack of a doggie bike helmet, this activity has been 'outlawed'. 

Photo: Lucy takes a bike ride with Jackson Davis.

At home her favorite place to take a nap is on the living room couch.  At the office she prefers to sit in the lap of a paralegal or legal assistant as they busily work on their computer or talk on the phone with clients.  And when the fast pace of a law office becomes too much she retreates to the cozy seclusion of a comfortable dog bed under Chris Davis' desk.

Who let the dawgs out?!  Lucy is a die-hard UW Huskies fan--as is everyone in the Davis family. Lucy enjoys hanging out at The Dawg Wagon tailgate party near the climbing rock in E12.  Perhaps you have seen Lucy dressed up on her purple UW doggie jacket enjoying the view from Club Husky.  She loves to watch the University of Washington Huskies win an exciting dawg fight on the gridiron.  

Photo: Lucy at a University of Washington football game with the Davis family.

Like many Seattlites, during the dog days of summer Lucy enjoys boating. Safety-minded yet fashion-conscious Lucy can be seen sporting a fetching doggie life jacket as she cruises around Lake Washington and Lake Union aboard the SS Court Ship. When anchored-down in Andrews Bay, Lucy won't hesitate to join in the fun and jump in the water with the kids.  

Photo: Lucy on the deck of Court Ship.

Gone To The Dogs

When the Davis' family's 14-year-old, 70-pound, lab-mix Bogie died the family was heart-broken.  Bogie was a loving and loyal dog that had been rescued from the Seattle Animal Shelter  The family couldn’t imagine having any another dog.  But eighteen months later they decided that they were finally ready to welcome a new dog into our family.  Little did they know that they were about to get so much more than just a family dog. 

Photo: Bogie was pictured in the June 2010 issue of Super Lawyers magazine when Chris Davis was featured as Washington State's premier dog bite attorney.  

Because of their busy schedules and periodic need to travel, the Davis family decided to adopt a small, lap-dog rather than a larger breed.  They settled on a poodle because of the breed’s exceptional intelligence and loving nature.  In January of 2012 they adopted Lucy, a champagne-colored Teacup Poodle that weighed just 3 pounds (5 pounds as an adult dog). 

Mischelle Davis started bringing Lucy to the office out of necessity while Lucy was being house trained.  They never intended for Lucy to become an “office dog”—it just sort of happened.  And now the staff, and Lucy can't imagine the office without her in it. 

Canines in the Courtroom

Lucy Davis supports the Courthouse Dogs Foundation in Bellevue, WA. Lucy is a strong advocate for the use of court facility dogs to assist children that may be overwhelmed and frightened while testifying in court. These are specially trained dogs that are present in court to assist witnesses who may be frightened or nervous about testifying. Court facility dogs have been used in some jurisdictions by attorneys and judges in an effort to create a more comfortable environment for these fragile witnesses. 

Through therapists, sociologists, pediatricians, and psychologists have devoted countless hours researching the physiological benefits of human-animal interactions. Such studies have shown that the mere presence of a friendly animal can result in decreased anxiety and lessened sympathetic nervous systems arousal. Benefits include reduced blood pressure, lowered heart rate, a decrease in depression, increased speech and memory functions, and heightened mental clarity.

According to Judge Wesley Saint Clair of the Superior Court of King County, Washington, “the dog’s presence dissipates tension for everyone when dealing with difficult issues and provides a sense of normalcy.”

Move Over Rover

If you happen to be in the lobby of 2101 Fourth Avenue and are hoping to get a glimpse of Lucy you may be surpised to find that she isn't the only dog in the building.  The Fourth & Blanchard building is also the headquarters of Rover, the nation's largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers.

Dozens of dogs come and go from the building every day.  Dogs in the lobby.  Dogs in the elevator.  Dogs in the Starbucks.  Dogs EVERYWHERE!

Dog gone!!

Lucy's Pedigree 


  • Manhattan Law SchoolJuris Dogtor, New York, NY
    • MLS Law Review, Editor
  • Springfield University, Springfield, IL
  • Northwest School of Canine Studies, Seattle, WA

Work History

  • Davis Law Group, Seattle, WA
  • Head of Security & Surveillance, Davis House, Seattle, WA
  • Agee, Poe & Epps, New York, NY
  • Logan & Kupec, New York, NY

Top Dog AwardAwards & Honors


  • American Kennel Club (AKC)
  • King County Bark Association (KCBA)



Barking Up The Wrong Tree

*Disclaimer: Lucy Davis is not a lawyer.  Lucy is a dog.  She is a 5 pound teacup poodle.

The Lucy Davis profile is a humorous, satirical biography of our office dog.  This profile may or may not use real names, mostly in semi-real or entirely fictitious ways. Some portions of this profile are complete fiction---just for fun. Any resemblance to any real person named Lucy Davis is purely coincidental.

  • Logan & Kupec, is a fictitious New York law firm featured in the John Grisham novel The Associate.
  • Agee Poe & Epps, is a fictitious New York law firm featured in the John Grisham novel The Associate.
  • Manhattan Law School is a fictitious law school featured in the novel The Curve by Jeremy Blachman and Cameron Stracher.
  • Springfield University is a fictitious college featured in the animated television series The Simpsons.
  • Juris Dogtor is a made-up Latin term.  There is no such degree.  
  • Law Dawg Magazine is a fictitious publication.
  • King County Bark Association is a fictitious organization. 
  • Northwest School of Canine Studies is a real school.  But it is for people that want to study canine behavior, not dogs.  Lucy did not attend this school.