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Losing a loved one due to accidental or wrongful death is a devastating experience. When a family member’s life is suddenly cut short as a result of the carelessness or negligence of another, the grief and feelings of loss can be overwhelming. If this has happened in your family, you may be going through a complex array of emotions, including sadness, denial, anger, and hopelessness. No one is ever prepared for such a tragic event. When tragedy strikes, you may need the assistance of a wrongful death attorney.

When the spouse, parent, sibling or other relative of a wrongful death victim contacts our office, we see their pain and know this is an emotionally challenging time. There are many questions to be answered, including:
  • Why wasn’t something done to prevent our loved one’s death?
  • How can we survive emotionally and financially after this tragedy?
  • How will we pay the medical bills and funeral costs?
Get the answers you need. Contact attorney Chris Davis and the legal team at Davis Law Group at 206-727-4000 for a free consultation. We have a great deal of experience and expertise in the area of wrongful death law.

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Washington State Wrongful Death Law - Free Information for Family Members

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Recognizing the Value of Family in Fatal Accidents

Many people are surprised to learn that Washington state law only allows certain family members to recover for a wrongful death of a loved one. In most fatal accident cases, recovery is limited to a surviving spouse and children. In some death cases the decedent’s surviving siblings and parents may also have separate claims if they are financially dependent on the decedent at the time of death.

A wrongful death or survival action is one of the more complex types of cases in the field of personal injury law. These cases require a thorough knowledge and understanding of Washington’s complex wrongful death and survival laws and the numerous appellate decisions that interpret and define them. These cases almost always involve complex legal issues or questions where the outcomes are heavily, if not completely, influenced by the individual facts of the case. In most cases, a wrongful death action requires urgent investigation and preparation to increase the chances of a favorable outcome. Furthermore, this type of case often requires a substantial outlay of financial resources (many times exceeding six figures) to hire appropriate experts, properly prepare and successfully present the case either to an insurance company or a jury.

In most wrongful death cases, the estate and certain surviving family members will have a claim for damages. The estate is typically allowed to claim damages for the decedent’s lost earnings, medical expenses, funeral expenses, and conscious “pain and suffering” experienced by the decedent before death. Certain surviving family members may also have individual claims for damages as a result of the decedent’s death, including loss of consortium (i.e., destruction of the relationship) and emotional distress.

Vehicle Accidents That Result In Wrongful Death

According to statistics from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) there are more than 37,000 fatal motor vehicle collisions each year in the United States.

The sudden loss of a loved one due to an automobile accident caused by a negligent driver is devastating. When a family member’s life is suddenly cut short the grief and feelings of loss can be overwhelming. These feelings of grief turn to anger when surviving family members learn that the at-fault driver was driving drunk, a distracted driver, a drugged driver, or simply failing to obey traffic laws.

In the midst of such a tragic situation, it can be difficult to make decisions about a fair settlement. Insensitive insurance companies are eager to settle wrongful death case as quickly as possible—taking advantage of the family’s grief. It is vital for you to know your legal rights before you accept a settlement of any kind. Recovering compensation and damages for a wrongful death that was caused by another driver's negligence is a legally challenging and complex process, and that's why it's important to have a very experienced wrongful death lawyer on your side.

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