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Sound Transit Bus Accident Lawsuits & Injury Claim Settlements

Serious Injuries & Wrongful Death Due To Accidents Caused By Sound Transit

Sound Transit buses provide transportation for thousands of commuters and travelers every day in the Puget Sound area.  Hundreds of Sound Transit buses may be on the road at any given time.  Sound Transit buses are involved in dozens of collisions with motor vehicles every year.  These crashes can cause major injuries and/or death of the accident victims. 

If you or a family member has been injured or killed in an accident involving a Sound Transit Bus contact Chris Davis and the team at Davis Law Group.  It is important for the survivors and families of a bus accident to work with an attorney that has experience with bus accident lawsuits and settlements.   Call 206-727-4000.    

Transit Bus Accident Causes

Although Sound Transit has an extensive training and safety program for its drivers, operator error and improper vehicle maintenance is the cause of many accidents.  

Driver Error Causes Many Bus Accidents

Driver error is frequently the cause of collisions between a car or truck and a bus.  Inexperience in handling and steering a large vehicle like a bus can be a factor in these accidents.  Drivers who are poorly trained, fatigued, intoxicated, or inexperienced often cause accidents.  Pressure to keep buses on time despite traffic delays often cause drivers to make hasty decisions or drive too fast.  Buses commonly rear-end other vehicles.

When Poor Vehicle Maintenance / Mechanical Problems Are The Cause of Many Collisions

It is important for the survivors and families of a bus accident to contact an experienced attorney who knows what to look for in the bus company records.  Mechanical failure as a result of improperly maintained buses, and installation of defective or damaged parts are two of the most common causes of bus accidents in this country.   In the wake of many accidents involving transit buses investigators turn to the company’s safety history and vehicle maintenance records.  These investigations often reveal the existence of multiple safety violations and failed inspections including brake problems.  

The bus cases that Davis Law Group accepts are very specific to certain types of accidents and injuries.  We are currently accepting ONLY bus cases that involve serious injuries or death.  We are only accepting cases that have been investigated by the police.