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Car Accident Attorneys in Seattle, WA

The Davis Law Group excels at holding people responsible for the damage they do-- and the damage you have to pay for. There are a lot of expenses, some expected (hospital bills, specialist doctors' treatments, privatized nursing, medication) and some unexpected (childcare, loss of personal time with your spouse, time away from work, inability to handle housework). Having a lawyer on your side usually increases settlement amounts to cover these expenses. 

Dealing With A Car Accident Claims Adjuster

Insurance companies want to make money, which means paying you less. To maximize profits they intentionally underestimate what they should pay you. Insurance adjusters are trained to sell this "walk-it-off" attitude. They're taught to remain neutral when they see your injuries so you expect less. They even get bonuses based on their ability to deny or devalue claims. The insurance adjuster is not your friend. They don't work for you.

Settlement Value of a Car Accident

Adjusters need you to believe they can crank out a settlement value with a simple formula so they can pay you less ("It's not me," they claim, "it's the math!"). Many insurance companies rely on a computer program to calculate this value. I program-- even an advanced program-- can't fairly assess what you will need to recover. No one can reduce your life to an app. Every individual injured in an auto accident is unique.

The only way to make sure that you get a fair settlement or award for your injuries is to work with an experienced accident attorney who understands how to navigate the insurance claims process. A great attorney:

  • Has a great deal of experience with your type of case. 
  • Isn't afraid of going to court. 
  • Devotes his resources to getting the best result for your case. 

Studies by the Insurance Research Council have shown, on average, automobile accident injury claimants who hired a lawyer received a settlement that was 3 and a half times more than they would have if they had tried to negotiate on their own. REPORT: Why Injury Victims That Hire A Lawyer Receive Larger Settlements (pdf)

Not every car accident victim needs the assistance of a lawyer. Hiring a lawyer does not automatically mean that a lawsuit is necessary.  More often than not attorneys are able to negotiate settlements for their clients without ever litigating the case.

But, when they are necessary, lawsuits not only serve the purpose of compensating the car accident victims, but also holds others accountable for the negligent acts. Lawsuits can help change the law. These changes can prevent others from suffering similar accidents and injuries in the future.

Car Accidents in Washington State

46% of Washington state drivers claimed their accident was caused by one of the following factors, 10% claimed two, 1% claimed three (the remaining 43% cited no contributing factors). These are ranked in order based on how often they are found to contribute to accidents in our state.

Washington State Car Accident Statistics

According to the World Health Organization, about 3000 people die in car accidents each day worldwide. There were approximately 10.8 million car accidents in the US in 2010, resulting in millions of car accident injury cases and more than 31,000 car accident deaths. An average of 115 people die each day in car accidents in the United States. That's one every 13 minutes. 

Each year there are almost 100,000 motor vehicle accidents in Washington State. One-third of those collisions result in injuries. Victims of the most serious accidents may die or face lasting injuries.

In 2012, Washington State had:

  • 99,560 motor vehicle accidents
  • 403 fatal car crashes
  • 18,871 serious injury collisions
  • 59,585 drivers were injured
  • 28,500 injured passengers occupants,
  • 2,038 pedestrians and 1,269 bicyclists were involved in collisions
  • 428 deaths
  • 2,200 serious injury victims

Typical Motor Vehicle Accident Legal Questions

If you have been injured in a car accident you probably have a lot of questions, such as:

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