Puyallup Car Accident Attorney

Motor Vehicle Collision Lawyers for Puyallup Area Accidents

puyallup car accident attorneyPuyallup car accident attorney Chris Davis of the Davis Law Group, P.S. has spent nearly 20 years attempting to “level the playing field” between accident victims and insurance companies.  He is recognized by his peers, and various professional organizations and legal publications as being a very creative and accomplished lawyer in the field of car accident law today.

The Puyallup Police Department does an excellent job of routing traffic on busy streets and during events at the Puyallup Fair & Events Center.  But despite their best efforts there are still frequent car accidents in the Puyallup area on highways, streets and roads such as: Highway 512, Highway 167, Highway 161, Pioneer Avenue, Stewart Avenue, River Road, Meridian Avenue, 7th Avenue, 2nd Street, Fairview Drive, Valley Avenue and 9th Avenue.

Chris Davis
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