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$20 Million Settlement in Birth Injury Case Against Overlake Hospital

News: Medical Mistakes at Overlake Hospital Result In $20 Million Medical Malpractice Case Against Overlake Doctors and Nurses For Birth Injury To Newborn

A new mother was admitted into Overlake Hospital Medical Center for the delivery of her first child.  She’d had a normal, uneventful pregnancy.

The second phase of labor started at 9pm.  Examinations showed that the baby was occiput posterior and several times during her labor the baby had to be manually rotated.  In between these rotations the doctor delivered several five other babies.  At 2:30am the doctor rotated the baby again and then left to take a nap and wait for the mother’s epidural to take effect.  At 3:00am the mother signs forms to consent to a C-section.

At 4:30am the electronic fetal monitor was disconnected from the mother so she could be taken to the operating room to be prepped for surgery; the monitor was never reattached. The baby was delivered by C-section shorty after 5am and did not display any life signs. No neonatologists were on hand and resuscitation efforts were not started for several minutes. Vital signs were finally measured more than 20 minutes after delivery. The baby’s brain had no oxygen for an extended period of time and it therefore suffered serious brain injury resulting in cerebral palsy and quadriplegia.  

Medical experts determined that the doctors and nurses at Overlake violated the standard of care at multiple points including when they failed to properly monitor the baby both in utero and in the operating room. Several of Overlake’s own policies and procedures were violated throughout the labor and delivery.

Insurance companies for the hospital, doctors, and nurses paid $20 million dollars in settlements to the family.  

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