Do Pit Bulls Attack More Than Other Breeds?

pit bull attacks in washington state attorneySeattle dog bite attorney Chris Davis at Davis Law Group receives more calls regarding pit bull attacks in Washington State than any other dog breed. Although our office frequently handles litigation associated with attacks by all sorts of dog breeds, the vast majority of our dog bite victim clients were attacked by a pit bull.

Animal control departments across the US report that pit bulls attack more than all other dog breeds. The often-quoted myth by pro-pit bull groups that pit bulls "do not bite more than other breeds" is categorically false. In fact, according to Dogs, nationally there were 318 pit bull or pit bull mix attacks just for the 6 month period between January and June 2009. Of these injured victims, 64% (248) suffered severe bite injury and 36% (140) suffered minor bite injury.

Seattle Dog bite lawyer Chris Davis is the author of When The Dog Bites: The Essential Guide To Dog Bite Claims In Washington State. Davis is frequently asked by members of the local media to offer legal commentary on dog attacks throughout Washington state.